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award-winning audio in downtown Amsterdam. Let's play!

what we do

voice casting & directing

We do not only offer to find the right voice over talent for your production. We also help for the best performance to find the right tone, rhythm, emphasis and feel.


creative sound design

Creating the perfect soundscape is crucial for any project, whether it's for film, art, commercials, radio, etc. Sound triggers our brain and emotions. We've got you covered. 


original music composition

Music makes for 50% of your film, directors often claim. We compose tailor-made music in a wide range of styles. Wether it's for a long video, a short commercial or an unique sound logo.


high end audio post production

You have to trust that your project is going on air with the highest standards. We have extensive experience in editing, mixing and mastering all your audio in the right formats.

our work

The Fangineer
Iconic Restaurant Flavours
True Freshness
Go Try
First Time
85 Jaar

more about us

We are a small team with passion for our craft, and we like to share our creative input.

High end audio
We are an award-winning audio post-production studio based in the center of Amsterdam. We create sound and music for advertising, film, cultural projects, and much more. With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated sound engineers and composers understand your project and will take your audio to the next level, whether working on your television commercial, podcast, online film, game, or anything else you need audio for.  

  • Voiceover casting, directing & recording

  • Creative sound design

  • Original music composition

  • High end audio post production

  • Podcasts

  • Remote recording

  • ADR

Competitive rates
We offer two high-end audio suites, spacious and with plenty of natural light, and geared with everything you may expect from a professional studio. Suitable for all your sound designmusic production, and mixing/mastering needs. From large multi-cast projects to single voice readings. Everything at competitive rates

Make something amazing
Come pay us a visit at the Bilderdijkpark in central Amsterdam and make something amazing, together. Let's play!

say hi

park studio
bilderdijkpark 4c

1052 rz, amsterdam
the netherlands

main phone: +31(0)20 412 4686
whatsapp: +31(0)20 412 4686

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you as soon as possible :)

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